Cheeki 750ml Classic


Cheeki 750ml Classic stainless steel drink bottle is perfect on your desk at work to keep you hydrated throughout the day. Taste the difference of fresh clean water from your Cheeki stainless steel water bottle.

Forget reusing plastic water bottles – they are not only detrimental for the environment and may also be potentially harmful for your health. The repeated use of common disposable bottles (PET) can cause the plastic to break down and leach chemicals into your drinking water

Millions of plastic bottles are thrown out every year and unless they are incinerated, they will be around in landfills, oceans and parks for hundreds of years to come. We think that we are environmentally friendly but it is mind boggling to see the number of people that buy and dispose of plastic bottles on a daily basis.

The 750ml Cheeki range is available in four eye-catching modern colours to brighten up your day.

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You may also think that reusing plastic water bottles is a cheaper alternative but consider this – you only need to refill your Cheeki bottle approximately five times compared to purchasing five bottled waters to break even!

This saving, coupled with saving the environment from excess landfill, makes Cheeki stainless steel water bottles a simple choice.

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Black, Silver, Pistachio, Dusty Pink