ECOtanka Adaptor Lid


ECOtanka Adaptor Lid – Especially designer for toddlers, the Adaptor lid is required to enable the Avent Easy-Sip spout to be fitted to an ECOtanka bottle. The Adaptor lid will fit all bottles, however it is recommended for use with the Teeny Tanka 350ml stainless steel drink bottle.

ECOtanka produces a variety of lids to fit their specialised range of stainless steel bottles.

You will find an ECOtanka accessory to suit the Teeny Tanka right through to the Super Tanka bottles. All lids will fit all ECOtanka bottles and are fully interchangeable except for the Mega Tanka bottle.

Care for your ECOtanka lids just like your ECOtanka stainless steel bottles – simply wash them in warm water with dishwashing liquid. All ECOTanka products come with a one year warranty against faulty manufacturing.

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